How much is water delivery?

Find out the average cost of water delivery in New Zealand and tips on how to get the best out of your bulk water delivery purchase.


Water delivery prices vary based on a number of factors such as:

Most water delivery services need to factor in the milage/gas and the travel time to the cost of water delivery service. This means a cheap water delivery would be the delivery address is probably closer to the resource they use to fill (fill station or own bore) and a truck with a smaller tank capacity e.g. 6,000 litres.

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Water tank refill cost

Most common refill amounts are:

Water truck delivery prices around New Zealand (as at August 2018)

Tankful tips

Given bulk water delivery pricing is often based on the distance the truck will need to travel from their water source, your cheapest water supplier is most probably your closest. Click here to see a map of registered water carriers in NZ.

When larger or regular amounts are required, often carriers will be open to negotiate rates.

When price isn’t always the deciding factor: Not all tankers can get to all tanks

Some water tanks can be up long narrow driveways which can prohibit access for wider tankers. If your water tank is not easily accessibly, the cheapest water supplier may not be able the one that can help you - ring your supplier first and have a chat about access and they are usually happy to discuss options.

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